Easy Checklist While Your Home Is On The Market



Life gets a little hectic at times when your home is on the market.  Below is a list with 10 easy things you should do everyday before leaving the house to ensure best impressions.

1.  Open all window treatments and/or blinds – think light and bright
2.  Turn on lamps
3.  Check for odors (pet or otherwise) but don’t overdo it with fragrance
4.  Make sure all beds are made and closets are neat and tidy
5.  Put all toilet seats down, wipe out every sink and open any shower curtains
6.  Remove all personal items (tooth brushes, shampoos, soaps etc.) from each shower, counter/vanity areas
7.  Gather the garbage cans and put in garage
8.  No trashcans, plungers, toilet bowl brushes, air fresheners etc. should be seen
9.  Pick up all bath mats and remove damp towels and robes
10.  Remove pets (if any), litter boxes, food bowls, toys and beds

Remember, buyers open and peek in everything so every nook and cranny should be neat and tidy! You want buyers to see themselves living and entertaining there, so doing the work for them helps get you the most amount of money and a quicker sale!

Quick Hint – If you get a call requesting a short notice showing, don’t panic.  Keep an empty laundry basket handy and load it up with everything you didn’t get around to putting away.  Take it with you and it’s easily dealt with when you get back home.