The MUST DO Areas When Staging To Sell

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There are a certain amount of things you need to do before you ever put your house on the market.  Honestly, you should really do these things before you call a Realtor.  I’ve listed the “must do” areas with a few hints to get you started.  If you need further assistance, I’m only an email or phone call away.

Start with one of the first and last things buyers see while at your home – The Foyer/Entrance – Remove any area rugs to show off valuable square footage.   If you have room to add a table, artwork and minimal accessories, try it.  It will make this area more inviting and most people want a place to put things down anyway.

Now move on to the Family Room.  Even though most people use this room to watch TV,  choose another more relaxing focal point, such as a fire place or nice view of the outside. Arrange furniture for only one focal point and accessorize appropriately. Don’t forget crucial lighting.  You’ll want your home to look as bright as possible.  Traffic flow is also important.  It’s better to remove and store extra furniture pieces if necessary.

Probably the biggest influence in a buying decision is the Kitchen.  I recommend having only one appliance on the counter. Buyers need to see plenty of work space. Remove magnets, pictures and calendars from the refrigerator.  Pack away extra spoons, spices and any clutter. Add a nice centerpiece to the table and keep the counters and appliances clean.  Buyers will check the pantry too.  Keep the shelves organized, the floor clear and don’t store anything in there but food.

The Master Bedroom should feel like a 5 star hotel.  Ask yourself if this area is relaxing, clutter free and spacious. Neutral bedding with pillows is nice and a sitting area is bonus bucks in your pocket.  Clear all personal items on bed side tables and make sure to have lamps. Don’t forget the closets.  Pack away what you aren’t using in about 3 weeks time including seasonal items.  Keep the floor clear too.  It will make the closet seem larger.

The Master Bathroom is #2 on the list of important areas.   This room must be pristine and look like a spa.  It needs good lighting, plenty of counter space and no personal items out for everyone to view.  Remove the garbage cans, plungers, toilet bowl brushes, air fresheners, etc.  No one wants to think about what’s been going on in a bathroom. 😉   Remove shampoos, razors, soap and any hanging organizers.  Don’t forget to remove the bathmats and damp towels.  Think about it like this.  If you’ve been in a hotel room before, you don’t know anything about the thousands of people that have stayed there before you.  All bathrooms should be the same.