Buyers have a nose that knows!


When buyers enter a home, many of them are looking for reasons to nickel and dime you until the offer is several thousand dollars less.  Odors play a major factor in that decision.  Here are a few things you’ll want to consider while your home is listed.

Do you smoke?  Only 18% of people smoke in Texas.  If you want to appeal to the other 82% of the population, you’ll need to stop smoking in and near your home until you move.  Smoke penetrates everything including the furniture, curtains, ventilation system, clothes, flooring, etc.  There are paints that can help and getting a professional cleaning will too.

Check for other odors – Pay attention to your cooking. Save the fish or cabbage for eating out and don’t use spices that are intense or linger.  Does your home smell like stinky socks? Keep up with the laundry. You shouldn’t have hampers sitting around. Using plug-ins is fine but don’t over do it with scents. Some buyers will think you’re trying to cover something up.

Remove pets – This sounds harsh but it makes a world of difference. Many people are allergic and cannot tolerate pet dander. By keeping the pets in a different location, this will also make showings easier.  If this isn’t possible, at minimum, remove the toys, food bowls, litter boxes and pet beds during a showing.  Don’t just stuff them under the bed.  Tuck them in the garage where they aren’t easily seen and the rest in the trunk of your car.  But the most highly recommended suggestion is to ask a family member to help pet sit or using a pet hotel.

Clean until it sparkles – If you don’t have time to scrub every nook and cranny, have your home professionally cleaned. You might think you have the cleanest home in the neighborhood and can eat off the floor but a cleaning crew can see the dirt and grime you have gotten used to. They’ll get the cobwebs, windows, ceiling fans, baseboards, tile, grout, even the grime around the light switches and door knobs.

I’ve known buyers to open the front door and before stepping foot inside, turn right around and go back to the car.  That’s because smells can make or break a sale.  Trying hard to eliminate any negative impressions will help you get a full price offer.